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Non-loan products

Cash and Settlement Services
Provides efficient functioning of your business, timely payment of invoices of suppliers and buyers, as well as safe control of non-cash and cash settlements.
Customers who prefer non-cash payments can make payments through international payment cards of any country through the Unibank POS terminals.
Salary projects
Business is developing too fast? The number of employees is increasing rapidly? Distribution of wage takes too much time? By our automated system wage will be allocated to the cards of your employees automatically each month.
Offers a scheme for allocating available funds. You can invest your money with favorable interest rates in both manats and foreign currency in terms of current market conditions.
Encashment services
Encashment - a service that provides secure transportation for cash and valuable property. If there is need in trustworthy and reliable encashment services, we are here to help you!
Corporate cards
Business cards that allow you to effectively and conveniently manage the company's expenses, calculations for business activities and travel expenses.
Albalı Business project
Card with debit and credit functions, that raises profit, provides operational support, more convenient and safer trade for subsidiary and distribution companies.