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Loan products

The lending to business projects is one of the most important areas of our banking operations. We therefore offer our credit resources towards implementation of various projects undertaken by individual business operators as well as to companies as legal entities.
Credit line
A credit line is a banking product for financing short-term needs. You can finance both business projects and increase working capital.
EDF’s loans
Entrepreneurs who want to start or develop a business in agriculture sector can get the Entrepreneurship Development Fund’s loan at a low interest rate with a grace period from Unibank.
Subsidized (Concessional) Loans
Entrepreneurs who want to take low-interest business loans can get subsidized (concessional) loans in the framework of Unibank's cooperation with the Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund.
Overdraft is a credit product for short-term customers, intended for financing current assets. Suitable for prompt provision of short-term needs. Overdraft provides customers with access to additional financial resources to fulfill their obligations to business partners.
Trade finance
Don’t spend months waiting for your business partner to pay for a product or a service - Unibank will pay you the amount.
The Agro-Loan
Borrow an agricultural loan of up to AZN 300,000 with a 3% discount and expand your business! The Unibank agro-loans have the grace periods of up to 6 months.
Production loan
You can get production loan from Unibank on the basis of an individual payment schedule and by equipment pledge!