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Salary projects

Business is developing too fast? The number of employees is increasing rapidly? Distribution of wage takes too much time? By our automated system wage will be allocated to the cards of your employees automatically each month.

The business grows and so does your staff taking you longer and longer to pay the salaries. We oofer you the automatic allocation and disbursal of salaries to company staff via plastic cards of the payment system.

Advantages of Payroll Project: 

— Cost exemptions for obtaining, delivering, storage and distributing money.

— The ability to ensure the transaction of money in large amounts, eliminate the risks associated with the theft of money, and ensure the safety of the payroll process.

— Provides security of salaries on the bank card. Only responsible persons have access to information about the made payments.

— A loan in the form of an overdraft (you can provide loans to your employees within the salary limit).

— For the convenience of your employees, we can think about installing of our ATM in your company.

— Simplify your accountancy/cash-office procedures.

— Owners of a salary card can get loans from Unibank with a simplified procedure and beneficial terms.


— Calculation of the annual deposit interest on the card.

— Return to employees up to 30% of cashback to the account from the payment made via the card.

— By linking a salary card to a mobile application of Unibank, cardholders can control their accounts, make payments at any time.