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Unibank is one of the largest private banks established in Azerbaijan in July 1992 under the name of MBank. It was established on 15 October 2002 as a result of the merger of the two advanced private commercial banks of Azerbaijan MBANK and PROMTEKHBANK. On October 15, 2002, after the merger of Mbank with PROMTEXBANK, one of the leading banks of Azerbaijan, the bank's name was changed to Unibank. 

As a customer centric bank, activities of Unibank is based on needs,  interests and expectations. Listening our customers wishes and demands leads us to continues improvement and development.

In 2021, Unibank established Leobank for the first time in Azerbaijan in accordance with the principle of "mobile-only" (branch-free bank). Leo customers have the opportunity to use a convenient Visa card with a credit limit, make payments and transfers, receive cashback and much more.

Update date - 31.12.2022

Our missions is to be the first choice in the mind of our customers by bringing customer centric financial services and innovative solution to all stakeholders.
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The general banking licence
The Banking Licence – issued by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan on 8 January 2003

The Brokerage Licence No. 48 – issued for 5 years by the State Securities Committee under the auspices of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic on 25 December 2002

The Dealing Licence No. 51 – issued for 5 years by the State Securities Committee under the auspices of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic on 3 February 2003

The bank has the registration certificate No. 72 issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic on 13 December 2002
Contact details
Legal Address:
55, Rashid Behbudov Street, Baku, AZ 1014, Azerbaijan Republic

Tel.: (99412) 117
Tel.:(99412) 498 22 44
Fax:(99412) 498 09 53

E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.unibank.az 

TIN 1300017201

Information about external auditor:

"KPMG Azerbaijan" 
153, Neftchiler Avenue, "Port Baku" South tower,  12th floor
T: +994 (12) 4048910 | F: +994 (12) 4048914

International Relations Division: 

Short info
Full Name: 
UNIBANK Commercial Bank Open Joint-Stock Company

Short Name:: 
Unibank CB 
Form of Incorporation: 
A Joint-Stock Commercial Bank

Date of Registration: 
27 July 1992

23.09.2008 – the State Agency of Standardisation, Metrology and Patents of the Azerbaijan Republic recorded in the State Registry the name “Unibank” as the trademark with a new design and, in this connection, issued the certificate No. 2000 1142 on the same date.

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"The Most Actively Developing Bank in Azerbaijan" - 2004 

"The Bank of the Year in Azerbaijan" - 2005

"The Bank of the Year in Azerbaijan" - 2008

"The Bank of the Year in Azerbaijan" - 2014

"The Most Active Bank in Support of Trade Development Programs" 2003.

"The Best Bank in Azerbaijan" - 2005-ci il 

"The Best Bank in Azerbaijan" - 2007-ci il 

"The Deal of the Year" /2008 (Syndicated credit line from “Deutsche Bank”)
Innovate Boldly
Our bank has long been known for disrupting the status quo and taking bold steps to shape the future of banking. This spirit empowers us to continuously create value by seizing opportunities.
Ensure Resilience
By valuing resilience, we reinforce the trust of our customers and community, ensuring we can honor our commitments even in turbulent times. Our resilience is a competitive advantage.
Show Integrity
We are committed to the highest ethical standards. We take ownership of our decisions and hold ourselves accountable, especially in crucial moments, to maintain trust and do right by all stakeholders.
Foster Teamwork
We recognize that our collective capabilities are amplified when we work collaboratively. Building each other up and capitalizing on our diverse strengths leads to shared success. Recognize that together we are greater than the sum of our parts.
Improve Continuously
Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to find new ways to enhance our productivity, service and efficiency. Small daily changes compound over time.
Create value for clients
We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers, building trust and delivering tailored solutions to improve their well-being. Through this we contribute to a more pleasant and effortless client journey, fostering enduring loyalty to our brand.