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The Overdraft Payroll Programme

The Overdraft payroll programme is a credit product intended to finance salaries by corporate customers. It brings the customers joining the Unibank payroll programme special opportunities. Namely, such corporate customers will be able to borrow loans fast and without collateral. If a company has a short-term cash shortage or a certain delay in disbursing the salaries, the business owners connected to the payroll programme can address such problems in just one day. The payroll overdraft offers them interest-free loans without collateral for 14 days.


Who can borrow such loans:

— Clients with business activity more than 12 month

— The customers who became connected to the payroll programme more than 6 months in advance

The Limit: 

 No fee is applied for first-time users

— The Amount – starts at 5 000 AZN

— The overdraft limit calculations are based on the payroll turnovers of the customer on the account with Unibank

— The limit usage period will be 3 (three) months

—  No interest will accrue during the first 15 days. The annual rate of interest is 24%


 Get business loans from Unibank via İnternet-Banking with just one touch, without collateral and online within 15 minutes!