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Exclusive business management opportunities for Unibank customers. Now banking services are even closer! Manage your company at any time and in any place, not visiting bank’s branch.

UBusiness is a convenient tool for business management. Private entrepreneurs who are clients of Unibank, at any time, anywhere will manage their business. The UBusiness service allows private entrepreneurs not to go to the bank, to manage bank accounts and others to use other services of the bank in 24/7 mode.


— Management of the cash on the card and on the bank account

— Transfers between cards and accounts, money transfers to other clients of "Unibank"

— Conversion operations

— Transfer of customer cash from one account to another account located in any branch of "Unibank"

— Transfer of cash in any branch of "Unibank" is transferred to the account of another client.

— Information on the balance and movement of money on the account.

—  Information on the exchange rate.

—  Information on new opportunities of the bank

— Consultation with the bank's employees about the work of the Internet Banking system and obtain information about the legislation.

— Monitoring of bank accounts at any time.

— Automatic execution of payments from turnover.

—  Fulfillment of credit, utilities, internet and other payments.

— Ability to quickly find any branch of the bank, payment terminal and ATM and get all information about the exchange rate, news and new campaigns of the bank before all