Cash and Settlement Services

Provides efficient functioning of your business, timely payment of invoices of suppliers and buyers, as well as safe control of non-cash and cash settlements.

"Unibank" is a commercial bank that provides a set of settlement and cash services both in national currency - manats and in foreign currency. We also give the opportunity to control your accounts without coming to the bank, via mobile banking or internet banking. So you do not waste time, and you can also use the banking services anywhere and anytime you want.

Settlement and cash services of  Unibank ensures the effective functioning of your business, the timely payment of suppliers and buyers, as well as safe control of cash and non-cash payments. The international shareholders’ support, as well as the electronic payment system operating in our bank, guarantee the high-quality operation for our clients for any type of operations both inside the country and outside of Azerbaijan.

The following settlement and cash services are available in our bank:

— Issueing of certificates on the accounts and statements, provision of copies of payment documents;

— Deposit money into the bank account at any time;

— Paying off the loans via Unibank payment terminal at any time;

— Consultancy about the order of cash and settlement operations;

— Tracking of money transferred to customers’ accounts and updates on past-period account statuses.

Blank of the form of a card with samples of signatures and seal imprint
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