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EDF’s loans

Entrepreneurs who want to start or develop a business in agriculture sector can get the Entrepreneurship Development Fund’s loan at a low interest rate with a grace period from Unibank.

Entrepreneurs who want to build or develop their business in the direction of agriculture can get a loan with a low interest rate and a grace period of ten years, up to 10,000,000 (ten million) manats to 10 years from the Entrepreneurship Development Fund.

The fund's resources can be used for:

— Creation of agro-parks.

— Creation of cattle-breeding complexes engaged in breeding of cattle.

— Creation of logistics (storage, transportation and sale of food and non-food products) of green markets (farms).

— Establishment of enterprises for processing fruits and vegetables.

— Creation of large farms.

— Creation of modern feed mills.

— Creation of modern greenhouse complexes.

— Creation of intensive gardening (grapes, apple, pomegranate, etc.) or grain farming;

— Creation of modern enterprises for the production of bakery products.

— Creation of other industries (light, construction, chemical, etc.).

— Development of small business (including youth, women and internally displaced persons).

— Financing of media development projects.

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