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Production loan

Get a loan on the basis of an individual payment schedule and by equipment pledge!

Production loan is a loan product intended exclusively for business owners engaged in production activities. Production loan, which is designed to meet the needs of producers for favorable financial resources, has the advantages of a discounted interest rate, grace period, individual payment schedule, immovable and movable (equipment) property as collateral. Agricultural loan customers will be able to manage their business more easily using Unibank's free mobile and Internet banking services.

Terms of production credit:

- Production loans are issued to entrepreneurs who have a TIN;

- Amount: from 50 000 AZN to 1 000 000 AZN;

- Loan term: up to 3 years;

- Grace period: up to 3 months;

- Individual approach to the customer's payment schedule (possibility to extend the schedule up to 5 years);

- Collateral is accepted as immovable and movable (equipment) property.

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