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Concepts of terms

Short-term (up to 2 months) business loan with flexible payment schedule

Revolving credit line
Business loan for up to 12 months with flexible payment schedule. In process of payment the credit limit is restored also.

Loan repayment types
Annuity: The way of paying the debt in equal installments.
Individual: Depending on the needs or the business season, an individual approach is applied to repay the loan with the condition of paying monthly interest.
Flexible Payment: Possibility to pay the principal at any time, with the condition of paying interest monthly. Pay at any time the principal amount, subject to payment of interest once a month. It is mainly applied to overdrafts.

Interest calculation
Interest is only accrued on the loan amount used. Their accrual is carried out on a daily basis. If the limit was used within 5 days, interest will be accrued only for 5 days.