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Internet banking

Take advantage of banking services online!

To become a user of Internet Banking, you can contact any branch of the bank You can start using Internet Banking services by registering at any branch of the bank or activate the service in ASAN imza.



— Comfort and simplicity (The service is very easy to use);

— Efficiency (quick access to the service);

— Reporting (Receipt of bank-client reports);

— Control (execution of operations with bank accounts in 24/7 mode).

Features of Internet Banking:

Conversion operations.

— Transfer of customer cash from one account to another account located in any branch of "Unibank"

— Transfer of cash in any branch of "Unibank" to another client's account.

— Interbank transfers of cash in national currency within the country.

— Transfers of cash from the client's account in foreign currency within and outside the country.

— Information on the balance and movement of money on the account

— Information on the exchange rate

— Information on new opportunities of the bank

— Maintaining statistics based on the types of operations performed

— Consult with the bank staff about the work of the Internet Banking system and obtain information about legislation

— Free control of bank accounts at any time.

— Automatic execution of payments from turnover

— Execution of payments within the country

— By uploading a document template in Internet Banking, the possibility of transferring the salaries of all employees at a time.

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