What is a CIF code and what is it used for?
CIF code is a unique code used by each Unibank customer to make loan payments.
Unibank announces a corresponding bank relationship with Bank of New York Mellon
Unibank CB announces a corresponding bank relationship with Bank of New York Mellon. This will serve to broaden Unibank’s business in international settlements whilst also promoting the international money transferring services.
Unibank finalized yet another International Programme
The Financial Intermediaries Capacity Building Technical Co-operation Programme aimed at increasing the sustainability of the Bank’s financial system and promoting its local Micro- and SME lending facilities has been concluded with respective closing event held on September 7th. With the great support of the main stakeholders - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Union (EU) and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Turkiye - this programme outputs will pave the way to further strengthening of Unibank and Unicapital resilience and sustainability, and thus stronger support stronger to our clients.
"Google Pay™" is now at Unibank
Unibank is on the list of the most innovative banks of the country, applying continuous technological innovations in its products and services. The bank, which always realizes the wishes of its customers, presented another contactless payment option to card users. "Google Pay™" service, which allows you to make payments with Android phones, tablets or watches, is now available at Unibank!
The paid-up charter capital of Unibank exceeded 142 million manats
Unibank has successfully implemented the capitalization process. As a result, the total capital of the bank increased by 12 million manats and reached 142 million 586 thousand 357 manats.
Frontclear closes another currency hedging transaction with Unibank and TCX in Azerbaijan
Frontclear arranged and structured an AZN/USD non-deliverable cross currency swap (NDCCS) transaction with Unibank Commercial Bank OJSC (Unibank). This transaction has made it possible for Unibank to effectively convert their USD liabilities into AZN liabilities, making it possible to provide its clients with local currency financing. The NDCCS transaction is documented under a Master ISDA Agreement. The transaction helped to further clarify certain legal issues related to close-out netting in Azerbaijan, which were mitigated by effective Frontclear deal arranging and structuring. “We are happy to execute another ISDA derivative transaction in Azerbaijan and further advance the development of Azerbaijan’s money markets. The transaction strengthens global markets players’ ability to access the Azerbaijani market and mitigate legal risks in the country. Our involvement continues to promote best practices such as margining in Azerbaijan.” – Andrei Shinkevich, Senior VP Frontclear
Payments at UBank increase turnover!
From April 1, payments for utilities, cable TV, Internet, replenishment of mobile numbers made in UBank, will be added to the monthly turnover of customers.
Pay with Apple Pay / Google Pay™/ NFC in the supermarkets, earn 5% cashback!
Unibank presents a campaign for Mastercard and Visa holders. As part of the campaign, each payment of at least 10 AZN and more made using Apple Pay / Google Pay™/ NFC / Garmin Pay in any supermarket will give customers 5% cashback.
For the attention of all customers!
In connection with the suspension of “Visa” and “Mastercard” payment systems in the Russian market, cards of Azerbaijani banks, as well as Unibank cards, will not work in Russia.
Unibank customers receive 5% cashback for purchases at Trendyol!
On February 2-6, Unibank conducts a rich cashback campaign for customers.
Unibank is holding a campaign "Return VAT, get a 10-fold bonus!"
As part of the campaign, starting from January 28, customers will receive 10-fold UBank bonuses in the amount of VAT earned on receipts downloaded through the UBank application.
Pay with Apple Pay / NFC, earn 1 AZN cashback!
Unibank presents a new campaign for Mastercard card holders. As part of the campaign, which will last until February 28, every payment of at least 5 AZN made using Apple Pay / NFC / Garmin Pay in any supermarket will give customers 1 AZN cashback.
Unibank conducts an incentive lottery "New Year"
From December 10 to January 10, Unibank is holding an incentive lottery "New Year" for its clients. Clients who make in the UBank application, as well as using Apple Pay and NFC payment systems in the amount of at least 1 manat, get 1 chance to participate in the lottery.
"Shoot TikTok video, win an iPhone 13!"
Unubank is organizing a New Year's gift competition for its clients. The winner of this competition will receive the latest smartphone, the iPhone 13.
New appointment in the management of Unibank
By the decision of the extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of "Unibank CB", Farid Abushov was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.
Unibank holds an "Orange Friday" campaign
Worldwide, the last Friday of November is celebrated as Black Friday. In this regard, on November 25-28, Unibank is holding an "Orange Friday" campaign for its customers. According to the terms of the promotion, customers paying with Unibank cards when making purchases on Trendyol.com will receive cashback in the amount of 5%, and when paying with an Albalı credit card will receive INTEREST FREE installments for 3 months!
Unibank Visa cardholders receive cashback and various gifts with Apple Pay!
Until 31.12.2021 holders of Unibank Visa cards receive high cashback, gifts and discount coupons in various places for payments via Apple Pay. All you need to do is add your Unibank Visa card to Apple Pay via UBank and pay using your iPhone and Apple Watch.
Unibank Mastercard holders receive cashback when paying via Apple Pay
Unibank Mastercard holders can earn a total of 5 AZN cashback when shopping in supermarkets with Apple Pay. The cardholder will receive 1 AZN for the first payment, 1 AZN for the second payment and 3 AZN for the third payment.
Unibank and Leobank Bring Apple Pay to Customers
A safer, more secure and private way to pay with iPhone and Apple Watch. Unibank and Leobank, today bring its customers Apple Pay, a safer, more secure and private way to pay that helps customers avoid handing their payment card to someone else, touching physical buttons or exchanging cash — and uses the power of iPhone to protect every transaction.
Unibank ended with the high third-quarter income
“Unibank” KB ASC announced the first 9-month the financial results in 2021. The operating income on October 30th 2021 constituted 116 million azn. The interest income of first 9 month is 81 million azn and non-interest income is 29 million. It is important to point that the non-interest rate of income increased up to 48% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. The deposit portfolio of Unibank increased during the first 9 month of the present year. Term deposits have increased by 119 million azn since the beginning of 2021 and made up 453 million azn on Seprember 30th of the corresponding year. Unibank supports and contributes growth of contactless payment and online shopping system. The number of payment cards in circulation has increased significantly the last 9 month. Compared to the beginning of the corresponding year the number of VISA and Mastercard debit cards has increased by 53% and composed 421 million cards.
Unibank supported 3 more families in the self-employment project
Unibank is actively involved in the process of creating private businesses of the country's citizens within the self-employment project. These days, 3 more families have received such support from Unibank. Baku resident, veteran of the Patriotic War Namizad Azayev, Neftchala resident Jeyhun Kazimov and Baku resident Vusal Niyazov were provided with the necessary equipment by the Bank to set up their own businesses.
Unibank supported 3 more families in the self-employment project
Unibank participates in the process of creating private businesses for the families of martyrs and veterans within the self-employment project. These days, three more families have received such support from Unibank. Unibank presented livestock packages to Zabit Mammadov and Ilgar Mammadov, families of martyrs living in Shamkir, Vasif Babayev, a resident of Barda, a veteran of the April battles.
It is very beneficial to transfer money from Unibank's mobile application via “Contact”
You can make a transfer to Russia without going to the bank with only 0,5% commission and in a few seconds. This opportunity was created by “Contact” money transfer system and “Unibank”mobile application UBank. By the end of the year, commission fees for money transfers via “Contact” money transfer system to any region of Russia in UBank were significantly reduced to only 0.5%.
Money transfer to Russia using Unibank's mobile application was doubly beneficial
You both transfer money in seconds, and you pay less commission, closer to two times! This opportunity gives you a mobile application “Unibank’s” UBank with money transfer system “Zolotaya Korona”. ”Zolotaya Korona " money transfer system via UBank is very profitable to transfer money to any region of Russia, the commission costs have been reduced almost twice and reduced to only 0.5% now.
Unibank continues to participate in the self-employment project
Unibank has realized the dream of Barda resident Goyush Kazimov to start his own business. The villager, who has been dreaming of starting his own livestock farm and family business for many years, is one of our citizens supported by Unibank within the self-employment project. Bank employees presented him with a package of cattle needed to start a farm.
International money transfers with Western Union now available at Unibank mobile
With the new functionality on Unibank mobile application now customers can send and receive with money in a few clicks Customers of Unibank can now send money transfers globally, from their mobile, leveraging Western Union’s global network across more than 200 countries and territories. Western Union’s cross-border, cross-currency money platform has been connected to Unibank’s mobile app uBank, enabling customers to send money to family and loved ones around the world 24/7 with a few clicks. Customers can fund and receive their international transfer using uBank, and their receivers can pick-up their funds from any of Western Union’s more than half a million locations.
Unibank's strategy for the period 2021-2023 was developed with the participation of international experts
Unibank is entering a new phase of development. On May 4, the Executive team presented the Supervisory Board with the 2021-2023 Vision and Strategy. Bank’s mission is to be the bank of first choice for clients and to create long-lasting value for all stakeholders by providing customer centric financial services and innovative solutions. Four key priorities have been identified by the Management of Unibank in order to achieve the bank’s goals and support the bank’s overall vision and mission. There are two priorities that stand out the most: overarching focus on customer experience and needs, and digital and technological transformation. The new strategy is building on the firm foundations of the strong value system, the vision of its shareholders and will draw on the resources of a transformed technology platform and relentless and energetic team to make the strategy a success.
Modification of the Unibank Shareholder List
The capital share of Eldar Garibov has risen to 86.3839% as a result of the sales-and-purchase transaction concluded between the major Shareholders of Unibank Commercial Bank Open Joint-Stock Company. Specifically, that increase is due to the acquisition of the participating interest of the European Bank for Re-construction and Development (EBRD).
Important information
Taking into account the current quarantine situation in our country, our branches will be at your service from 10:00 to 14:00 every week.
International financial institutions choose Unibank as the first partner in Azerbaijan!
Frontclear, Financial Markets Development Company and TCX Financial Initiative Fund, whose shareholders are several European financial institutions, have signed the first non-deliverable forward (NDF) agreement in the Azerbaijani banking sector with Unibank.