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Unibank finalized yet another International Programme

The Financial Intermediaries Capacity Building Technical Co-operation Programme aimed at increasing the sustainability of the Bank’s financial system and promoting its local Micro- and SME lending facilities has been concluded with respective closing event held on September 7th. With the great support of the main stakeholders - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Union (EU) and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Turkiye - this programme outputs will pave the way to further strengthening of Unibank and Unicapital resilience and sustainability, and thus stronger support stronger to our clients.


The programme has been implemented in the two main directions - Strategy and Business Planning and Risk Management Enhancement, including but not limited to Database on Errors and Losses & Risk Control Self-Assessment System.

Comprehensive and well-wrought strategic documents were drawn up in the scope of the programme’s Strategy and Business Planning Project: two to encompass business strategy and 8 functional and corporate strategies. The Strategy and Development Department and the Strategic Governance Committee were established in Unibank in order to ensure continuity of its strategic planning and governance processes. Standing on the solid foundations of a strong value system and the vision of the shareholders, the new strategy is being implemented thanks to the will of the tenacious and determined team being in synergy with the technological platform that is being updated.


The Risk Management Enhancement Project, another part of the above-mentioned programme, has achieved a very well-founded, extensively analysed and detailed set of recommendations regarding risks, self-assessment and database – both for Unibank and its subsidiary Unicapital Investment Company to benefit from. The corporate structure of Unibank has been optimised, too. The project work done on reinforcing the 1st and 2nd lines of defence and demarking the borders that define them had served as the chief driver of development of the risks culture in the Bank. Committees were established, merged and changed in the Bank. Unicapital was organised within the Group in line with the strategic development priorities, had its business process and functions streamlined as well as had risk-based governance introduced to it. The achieved results will serve generation of new products and services, the sustainable development of the company and the strengthening of its dedicated strategic management in sync with the Group.


The managers and employees of both Unibank and Unicapital were awarded certificates of successful project accomplishment at the programme conclusion event.