Recruitment process

What do you have to do to feel confident at an interview?
The recruitment process:

First of all, you should find the job that suits you best in consideration of your abilities and experience in the Vacancies section, click the ‘Apply’ button and send your CV to our Human Capital Department. 

At the next stage, the staff of our HR Department will check the accordance of Your experience and skills with the vacancy you applied for. Suitable candidates will be invited for the testing phase that consists of either one or two stages. Depending on what vacancy You have applied for, your mathematical, analytical thinking or situational judgement abilities will be assayed during the testing period. 

The candidates who successfully passed the testing stage, are invited to the two-tier interviewing process that is held at the Head Office of the bank. Firstly, the candidates have interview with the Specialists of the Human Capital Department, to be followed by an interview with the Specialists of the relevant department in accordance with the applied vacancy.

Vacancy selection and admission
1st step
Commisioning and testing stage
2nd step
Interview with HR department
3rd step
Interview with department specialists
Last step
Demeanour during the interview:

The interview is crucial for a candidate to introduce himself or herself, to show his or her achievements, and justify his or her eligibility for the vacation he or she has applied for. 
While interviewed, answer the addressed questions honestly and calmly. Don’t rush, try to understand each question fully. Your answers and behaviour will play a key role in Your consideration for the role You are after.

Personal influence

Is one of the main nuances we take notice of. A candidate’s ability to introduce himself/herself as a brand, his/her ethics of conduct and the ability to use his/hers charisma to make a positive personal influence on the people he/she communicates with are valued very highly. Such factors as the appropriate use of body language and visual contact in communication, the proper portance and a smile will make You stand out amongst all the other candidates at a business interview.

The desire to develop

Considering that personal development of employees is a priority issue for Unibank, it is desired that employees who are going to work with us have strong aspiration for development. So, don’t hesitate to share Your future development plans with us during the interview.

The ability to solve problems

Is about understanding a problem in a right way, finding its cause(s), having the desire to uproot it, and if it is proved impossible, to find alternative solutions to it. Let us discover You even closer by telling us about Your past experiences.

Working in a team spirit.

Teamwork is a kind of activity of the members of one organisation who are united to make efforts to achieve a common goal or goals. Arranging efficient teamwork is crucial to any business, and the secret of accomplishing such a work lies in having employees who know how to work as a team.


Is another criterion we seek and take notice of in a candidate. Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence, guide and, lead other members of an organisation.