Your card - UCard!

This card allows you to make purchases anywhere in the world with multi-currency accounts, a credit line with 40-day interest-free up to 15 000 ₼, as well as receive cashback and up to 6% annual cash rewards. In a word, all needs in one card!

Get your card

1. Download UBank

2. Find the nearest branch in the app

3. Get a card ready at the branch

Get a loan on UCard instantly!

Just choose UCard at UBank and get a money on the card in seconds!

İncrease the credit line on UCard!

Just choose UCard at UBank and set your limit instantly!

It's free to

Get a card

Visit the nearest branch and get it instantly.

Top up and withdrawals unlimitly*

Top up and cash out as much as you want in Unibank UTMs for free

Make card to card

Make unlimited money transfers to Unibank cards and up to 2000 AZN to local bank cards without fee

The single multi-currency card!

Imagine that you have 4 different currency accounts on your card, you can change the currency you need and make transactions via UBank at any time.

Split UCard purchases into installments!

For this, just click on the "Split" button in UBank.


Make purchases with UCard without interest up to 40 days!

Make purchases anywhere with UCard and pay up to 40 days without interest!

Spend more, earn more

High Cashback

Manage UCard via UBank

    It is free in UBank:
  • Assigning or changing the PIN code of the card
  • Unblocking the card
  • Service ƏDV geri al
  • Online payment for parking
  • Payment of utility services
  •  Recharge the balance of the mobile number

Pay securely and easy with Apple Pay and Google Pay™

Just add your card via UBank to your wallet and start to make contactless payments!

  • Card price

    • Free
  • Smartphone/smart watch payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay™ and NFC

    • Without fee
  • Card term

    • up to 5 years
  • Top up of UCard balance

    • - Via UBank mobile application - Free (the amount is immediately reflected in the balance)
    • - In UTMs at once  - Free (the amount is immediately reflected in the balance)
    • - Payment terminals of Unibank - Free (the amount is immediately reflected in the balance), per customer over 3000 AZN incomes during calendar month fee is 0,5% (min. 1 AZN)
    • - In MilliÖn/eManat terminals up to 200 AZN - Free, over 200 AZN fee is 0.5% (min. 1 AZN), per customer over 3000 AZN during calendar month fee is 1% (min. 1 AZN)  The amount is immediately reflected in the balance.
    • *Fee for non-cash income from abroad - 1%
  • Bonus on card balance

    • up to 6% per annum
  • Cash withdrawal from UCard:

      Personal funds:
    • - In Unibank UTMs - 0%
      Credit funds:
    • - In Unibank UTMs - 1% (min. 1 AZN)
      - In Unibank UTMs it is possible top up and cash out as much as you want in AZN and USD currency for free.
  • Transfers from UCard:

      Personal funds:
      - Between Unibank cards - unlimited and free
    • - Per customer during calendar month up to 2000 AZN to the card of any bank within the country – Free
    • - Per customer during calendar month over 2000 AZN to the card of any bank within the country - 1% (min. 1 AZN/EUR/USD)
      Credit funds:
    • - In addition to the transfer fee, there is a fee for withdrawals
  • Grace period

    • up to 40 days for non-cash payments (no interest is accrued on non-cash payments during the grace period)
  • Loan payment

    • Loan issue date + next 10 days
  • Interest rate

    • from 20% per annum, determined individually according to the client's credit history
  • Information about card transactions:

    • - Notifications via UBank mobile application - Free
    • - Via SMS - monthly 1 AZN
  • It is free in UBank:

    • - Assigning or changing the PIN code of the card;
    • - Unblocking the card;
    • - Service ƏDV geri al;
    • - Online payment for parking;
    • - Payment of utility services;
    • - Recharge the balance of the mobile number
UTM and branch network

Addresses of branches and UTMs, as well as working hours and other detailed information.

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