•  Put the sample of your signature on the reverse of the card immediately after you receive it

•  Do not give your FEN-code to a third party

•  Never write your FEN-code down on your card and do not keep your FEN-code together with your card

•  Never give your plastic card to a third party. If necessary, you can get an additional card to let your relatives and/or friends use the money in your account

• If the card is lost, it must be blocked immediately

• Check cash flow on your card account at least once a week. Immediately after using the card, pay special attention to the transactions performed with your account. Immediately after using the card, pay special attention to the transactions performed with your account. 

• We recommend you to use the SMS-banking, UBank, Internet Banking services for the constant control of transactions on your account If you are abroad and not connected to the roaming facility, give the telephone numbers of your relatives to track the transactions

• If you have a magnetic strip card, apply to the bank for its replacement with a smart card

• Choose the daily plastic card operation limit in acordance with the recomendations of the bank. If there is a need to change a limit, contact the bank at least 1 business day in advance of the desired limit change time.

- Your VISA Chip cards in countries outside the CEMEA region (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa), as well as Visa Canada and Visa Europe cards, as well as MasterCard Chip cards (with Maestro card after 31.12.2010) outside Europe and Canada, Latin America (for all card brands: Mexico - August 2011 for POS terminals and September 2014 for ATMs), SAMEA (South Asia (only Pakistan is included in the ATM system)), Middle East, Africa) and in AP (Asia Pacific: excluding ATM transactions), use extreme caution when using the EMV Transfer of Responsibility Rules only in the regions mentioned above. For more information, you should get a list of the countries included in these regions. The EMV Responsibility Transfer Rules is a liability for magnetic stripe cards that regulates the acquirer's financial obligations to the card issuer in the event of fraudulent transactions at prospective terminals (POS terminals and ATMs) without chip-back transactions. This responsibility also includes confirming a trade with a FEN-code.

- If you have doubts about withdrawing money from an account without authorization, please contact our bank. The terms of the contract apply here. The bank may be able to sue for such an unauthorized transaction.

The bank is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of the client's negligence towards the card, the client's violation of the above rules and the commission of illegal actions of third parties.

-According to the legislative changes, banking operations on gambling (except for legal lotteries and betting games in Azerbaijan) have been suspended.

-Due to sharp fluctuations in the ruble's exchange rate, 10% of the amount is currently blocked for transactions in this currency until the settlement of the transaction. If there is no exchange rate difference on the day of settlement, the blocked amount will be refunded to you.