"Google Pay™" is now at Unibank

Unibank is on the list of the most innovative banks of the country, applying continuous technological innovations in its products and services. The bank, which always realizes the wishes of its customers, presented another contactless payment option to card users. "Google Pay™" service, which allows you to make payments with Android phones, tablets or watches, is now available at Unibank! Now you can make fast, contactless and secure payments by adding UCard and Leo cards to "Google Wallet™" at UBank. "Google Pay™" users get the opportunity to pay without handing over the payment card, touching the buttons of the payment terminal and transferring cash from hand to hand. The security of each transaction is ensured by innovative technologies.


What are the benefits of paying with “Google Pay™”?


- You don't need to carry cash and bank cards;

- It is safe;

- The payment process is very easy;

- It is fast;

- Earns more cashback.


To make a payment, it is enough to bring Android phones, tablets or watches close to the payment terminal. Every transaction made via "Google Pay™" is securely protected. With "Google Pay™" you can make payments in markets, pharmacies, taxis, restaurants, cafes, retail stores and many other places.


At the same time, via "Google Pay™" it is also possible to make convenient and fast purchases in applications installed on smartphones, smart watches and laptops running on the Android operating system, as there is no need to register anymore.


Security and privacy are guaranteed with “Google Pay™”. When you add your credit or debit card to “Google Pay™”, card numbers are not stored on your device or on Google's servers.


Adding cards to “Google Pay™” is easy. Simply access the “Google Wallet™” application on your device and follow the instructions to add your UCard or Leo card. From the moment the card is added to the device, the customer can use "Google Pay™" on that device.