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Annual 5% cash rewards

The procedure for calculating high interest on the card balance:

The possibility of increasing by 5% of the annual funds in the amount of the balance of funds on the Albali Mastercard World and Albali Visa Rewards cards in the AZN!

The conditions for calculating high interest rates are:

- If the client makes a non-cash payment with a total amount of more than 200 AZN during a calendar month, then for this month he will be charged a high interest rate on the card balance, plus +2% to the standard interest.

A high percentage on the card balance is applied to the part of the card balance up to 5000 AZN.

Standard interest will be charged on the card balance over 5000 AZN.

*If the customer has more than one card, additional interest will be charged to the card with the highest percentage on the balance.

Card balance

The minimum amount of a monthly non-cash payment required to calculate an additional 2%

The annual interest rate calculated on the balance (up to 5000 AZN)

<100 AZN



100+ AZN

200+ AZN


Non-cash payments include payments that charge cashback.

You can see the list of payments that do not charge cashback here:

Standard annual interest rate







* if the balance is less than 100 AZN, no interest is charged on the balance.