Annual 6% cash rewards

Terms of accrued interest on the balance on the card:

Possibility of annual increase of funds on the account in the amount of 6% for all Unibank cards in AZN currency (except for Digital cards, business cards and cards for receiving interests on deposits) without turnover requirement!

Bonus on card balance in AZN currency is accrued according to the following rules:

- 6% per annum if the account has an amount up to 10 000 AZN;
- 1% per annum if there is an amount up to 1000 AZN on the account;
- 6% per annum if the account has more than 10 000 AZN (the bonus is charged only up to 10 000 AZN part ) and 1% for parts over this amount.

If the client has more than 1 card, 6% will be accrued only to the card with more funds (the bonus is charged only up to 10,000 AZN part).
Income on other cards will be calculated at standard interest rates.

Cards in USD currency are accrued 1%, regardless of the amount stored on the card.
Cards in EUR currency do not receive a bonus.

Funds will be transferred to the card if the card balance on all cards during the month is 1 AZN.