Contact has a highly-structured network involving 221 banks in Russia and running more than 1100 outlets in 400 towns. Contact also works with all the CIS republics and the Baltic States where it involves 60 banks with 4150 outlets in more than 1000 towns. Contact is also active in Azerbaijan co-operating with 7 leading local banks with about 70 service outlets.
Advantages of "Contact" system: 

The increased degree of reliability

Supports comfortable and transparent transfers

Provides for easy accounting and reporting 

The funds will be delivered to the recipient in full and without the recipient’s having to pay any fee; besides, the delivery is never later than the day after the transfer. 

To send the funds via Western Union you need to: 

Come to Unibank, choose the country, the city and the bank where your recipient should collect the money that you will transfer 

Present your ID 

We will help you fill in the paperwork and will then give you the unique number of your transfer 

You will need to enter the amount to be transferred and pay the fee 

After that, all you need to do is tell your recipient the address of the bank at which they can collect the money, and give your recipient the unique transfer number 

To receive the funds via Wester Union you need to:

Obtain the following information from your sender: 

  • The address of the bank where you will collect your transfer
  • The transfer number
  • The amount transferred
Provide your ID