Zolotaya korona

Advantages of "Zolotaya Korona": 
Speed – money transferred via the system can be received in only a few seconds after
Benefit – the transfer fee payable for Russia and CIS destinations starts at 1%
The currencies supported – RUR, USD, EUR 

The largest amount per transfer is RUR 50000 or the RUR equivalent of an amount of up to USD 2000/ EUR 1200  
Comfort – all you have to do is give the country and the town of destination, and the recipient can choose the most convenient outlet to take the transferred money

Also money transfers with this system can be made via Unibank Mobile mobile application.

To send funds via "Zolotaya Korona" you need to: 

— Provide your ID  
— Give your name, surname and father’s name  
— Verify the name of the recipient, the amount transferred 
— Get your unique transfer number

To receive funds via "Zolotaya Korona" you need to: 

— Have with you your ID, 
— Give the transfer number to the bank clerk.     
— Specify the amount to be received.