Unitransfer is an instant money transfer system that belongs to Unibank CB. Founded in June 2016, it only operates within Unibank. It is usable to send money from one branch of Unibank to another be it in Baku or elsewhere around the country very fast. 

The advantages of Unitransfer: 

- A transfer is made very fast; 
- A transfer will be made in the ordinary manner using the sender’s name, surname and parental, and a code;
- Money can be transferred in AZN, USD, EUR and RUB.

"Unitransfer" rates: 

up to 3000 AZN/USD/EUR - 0,4% (min 2 AZN/USD/EUR)
up to 200 000 RUB - 0,4% (min 200 RUB)

3001 – 20 000 AZN/USD/EUR 0,3% (min 12 AZN/USD/EUR, max 30 AZN/USD/EUR)
200 001 – 700 000 RUB 0,3% (min 800 RUB, max 3000 RUB)

"Unitransfer" rates via cash-in

Now transfers by the Unitransfer system can be made at cash-in terminals of Unibank, and the transfer can be received via ATM. It is also possible to make online cash withdrawal from the card. Transfers are made at the following rates:

1-500 AZN 1 AZN

501-1000 AZN 2 AZN