No Cashback

Even if some transactions do not earn cashback, they are involved in increasing the turnover activity required to earn high cashback.

Participate in the activation of the turnover in the amount of 200 AZN:

• Payments by card in markets (as well as payments with smartphone or smart watch via Apple Pay/ Google Pay™/ NFC/ Garmin Pay earning 5% cashback);
• Notary services;
• Payments made in the AppStore, Google Play, AppGallery and other platforms, as well as within the application (subscription);
• Advertising payments via the Internet (social networks, websites).
• Installment payments.

Do not participate in the activation of the turnover in the amount of 200 AZN:

• Exchange/Forex payments;
• Insurance payments;
• Quasi-cash/gambling bidding transactions;
• Utility payments, mobile payments, fixed-line telephony, Internet/TV payments via other payment systems, except for UBank;
• Loan payments;
• Payments made on the state portal;
• Digital games;
• Transportation means;
• Foreign points of sale where 18% tax is applied;
• 3% of cashback will be accrued until the total turnover of 200 AZN is completed during payments made at cafe-restaurants and petrol stations. However, these payments do not affect the increase in turnover. That is, to increase turnover, it is necessary to spend in other computing spaces. After the turnover of 200 AZN is completed, it will be possible to earn 5% cashback on payments made at cafe-restaurants and petrol stations.


• No cashback bonuses accrue on discount shopping at the partner shops;
• At the end of the current month, if the total amount of cashback earned in partner and non-partner networks is less than 1 AZN, the earned amount will not be transferred to the account and will be reset to zero;
• Cashback will not be calculated if you have not logged into UBank in the last 3 months.