Exceptional cases

• Money transfers;
• Loan payments;
• Operations in betting websites (gambling);
• Payments for digital games;
• Top-up of e-wallets (quasi cash);
• Exchange - Forex operations;
• Points of foreign trade where 18% tax applies;
• Advertising payments via the Internet (social networks, websites);
• Payments (subscriptions) made on AppStore, Google Play, AppGallery and other platforms, as well as within the application;
• Insurance payments;
• Notary payments;
• Payments on the state portal;
• Payments for Utilities (except UBank), Mobile, Stationary phone, Internet/TV;
• Transport vehicles;
• İnstallment payments;
• Duty Free operations (paying with Unibank Mastercard you can earn cashback from Mastercard in the amount of 10%-20%);
• During payments at any place in the "Electronics", "Perfume" and "Courier" categories, which are not partners of Unibank;
• Wolt;
• Cashback may not be calculated when purchasing pre-announced discounted products in partner stores.