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How does it work

5% Cashback for selected categories of trade and services by cards Albalı Mastercard World, Albalı Visa Rewards, Mastercard Black Edition (cashback) and Visa Platinum and Visa Infinity cards is calculated in the following conditions:  

- 5% cashback on selected categories of trade and service will be charged to the client during the calendar month after the total cashless turnover of more than 200 AZN.
*Cashless turnover refers to cashback accrued turnover
- 5% cashback applies to cashless payments after 200 AZN.
- The cashback amount is collected during the calendar month and transferred automatically to the customer's cashback account at the end of the month.
- The monthly cashback amount of the client on the non-partner networks is maximum 50 AZN.
- The minimum cashback amount you can earn per month in a partner and non-partner network is 1 AZN.
- For non-cash payments from 200 AZN and below, as well as for other categories, the standard cashback is credited. 
Standard cashback percentage:
To all other non-cash payments - 1%
Supermarkets - 0,5%
- Only the CASHBACK of payments reflected in the statement and corresponding to the conditions are credited to the account.
* Payments can be reflected in the statement for several days.

Currently 5% cashback accrued selected trading and service categories:
- All petrol stations
- All restaurants and cafes(and also all online orders)

Note: with our other cards for non-cash transactions 0.1% (standard) and 0.3% (premium) cashback are charged.