Card price – Free

Smartphone/smart watch payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay™ and NFC - Without fee

Card term - up to 5 years

Top up of UCard balance:

- Via UBank mobile application - Free (the amount is immediately reflected in the balance)

- In UTMs and payment terminals of Unibank - Free (the amount is immediately reflected in the balance)

- In MilliÖn/eManat terminals up to 200 AZN - Free, over 200 AZN fee is 0.5% (min. 1 AZN). The amount is immediately reflected in the balance.
*Fee for non-cash income from abroad - 1%

Bonus on card balance - up to 6% per annum

Cashback for non-cash expenses in UCard - up to 30%

Cash withdrawal from UCard:

Personal funds:
- In Unibank UTMs - 0%

Credit funds:
- In Unibank UTMs - 1% (min. 1 AZN)

Transfers from UCard:

Personal funds:
- Monthly up to 2000 AZN to the card of any bank within the country – Free, over 2000 AZN - 1% (min. 1 AZN/EUR/USD)

Credit funds:
- In addition to the transfer fee, there is a fee for withdrawals

Grace period - up to 40 days for non-cash payments (no interest is accrued on non-cash payments during the grace period)

Loan payment - Loan issue date + next 10 days

Interest rate - from 16% per annum, determined individually according to the client's credit history

Information about card transactions:
- Notifications via UBank mobile application - Free
- Via SMS - monthly 1 AZN

It is free in UBank:

- Assigning or changing the PIN code of the card;
- Unblocking the card;
- Service ƏDV geri al;
- Online payment for parking;
- Payment of utility services;
- Recharge the balance of the mobile number;