1. What is UCard?
UCard is the ultimate product that contains a credit line and multi-currency debit options in one card. This card also has taxit (installment payment) opportunities and a credit line with a grace period of up to 40 days.

2. How much does UCard cost?
It is free.

3. What is the card period?
5 year.

4. How can I get a card?
You can get UCard instantly at the nearest Unibank branch or order via UBank mobile application.

5. How can I transfer Albalı credit line to UCard?
When you receive your UCard, our staff will offer you a choice. If UCard credit line is selected, the amount on the existing Albalı credit card will be automatically transferred to UCard. If a debit card is selected, the Albalı credit line will not be transferred to UCard.

6. Can I transfer funds between accounts in different currencies?
Currently, transferring funds from an account in AZN currency to an account in foreign currency is not possible. But transfers between accounts in foreign currency are possible.

7. I have lost my card, how can I block it?
UCard can be blocked via UBank in two ways:
- Block the card completely
- Blocking the physical use of the card.
Blocking the physical use of the card is unique to UCard. By activating this feature, you can restrict the use of the card in UTM and POS terminals (except for smart devices that support Apple Pay, Google Pay™ and NFC). Online payments are available only on web sites where the card was saved in advance and in UBank.

8. How will bonuses and cashback be calculated to the card balance?
The bonus on the card balance is calculated according to this rule. Cashback is calculated according to this rule.

9. How to choose the main account in UCard?
All you have to do is click on the account you want to set as your main UBank account. This can also be done in UTM.

10. How can I top up my UCard account?
UCard account can be topped up via UTM, Unibank payment terminal, MilliÖn and eManat terminals. It is also possible to top up the account at the cash desks of Unibank branches, on million.az, emanat.az websites (and mobile applications) and via UBank application.
Note: Depositing funds via UTM is possible in AZN, EUR (banknotes in the amount of 50, 100 and 200 EUR), USD (banknotes in the amount of 100 USD) and other payment terminals only in AZN

11. How can I get a loan?
To receive a cash loan without coming to the bank, it is enough to send an SMS with the word CREDIT to short number 8117. A loan officer will process the client’s info, if it is possible to allocate a loan, the amount will be immediately transferred to UCard.

12. How can I order UCard for taxit (installment) purchases?
First of all, our employees will offer you a choice when ordering UCard. When choosing this offer, the client's information will be verified by an employee and the corresponding loan amount will be transferred to the card.
It is also possible to make a request by sending an application from the "Loan Application" section via UBank application.