Smart kassa

What is a Smart cash?

Smart cash register is a new generation device that combines the functions of both a terminal and a cash register. The new Smart cash register brings many new advantages and functions to customers and entrepreneurs.


- Creating faster shopping opportunities for customers;
- Exemption from monetary transaction costs and risks as the number of non-cash payments increases;
- The ability to provide continuous service;
- The ability to provide continuous service;
- Acquisition of new business development opportunities;
- Remote management via Internet banking;
- The ability to make contactless payments via smartphones without a card with NFC technology;
- The function of the client's signature on the screen and the reflection of the signature on the receipt;
- Acceptance of installment payment;
- Instant calculation of bonuses, cashback and Unibank miles;
- Scan barcode and QR code;
- SD card support;
- Video display on the screen;
- Bluetooth function;
- Photo and video camera;
- Functions of POS-terminal, Cash register, Warehouse accounting system;
- Ability to connect to the network via Wifi or GPRS channels;
- Color and touch display;
- The ability to get 15% cashback for non-cash payments and 10% cashback for cash payments in real time by printing a QR code (quick information) of the product as a result of integration with the MNS information system.

Areas of activity
- For small and medium-sized business owners
- Retail and wholesale trade
- Restaurants and cafes
- Service areas
- Delivery services

Connection conditions

- The cost of connecting a Smart POS Terminal is 15 AZN
- Monthly service fee for Smart POS Terminal - 20 AZN (free of charge with a monthly turnover of more than 3000 AZN)
- A security deposit of 100 AZN
- Activation of the Smart Cash register token - 70 AZN *
- Monthly service fee for Smart Cash register - 10 AZN (NBA) *

* This service fee as an intermediary is paid by NBA technologies.