SMS Taxit

This new facility lets you divide the sales-and-purchase amount involved at a shop that is not an UCard partner in 2, 3 or 6 taxits. The splitting offer will be texted to the customer. The splitting also concerns the online transactions at POS-terminals.

This is how it works:

When transacting at the shops and online stores that aren’t the UCard partners, the customer gets the traditional SMS notifying of the transaction. In addition, a code will be offered to split the amount in question into taxits.
An example: the card transaction *7225 2014-09-11 13:06 PAYPAL *WWW.FRO- AZN 30.03.Balans: AZN 880.72. The taxit ID: 197947764

— The customer may split the transaction amount in 2, 3 or 6 taxits at his or her own choice. When the split is in 2 taxits, the 3%  fee will apply; when the split is in 3 taxits, the 5% fee will apply; when the split is in 6 taxits, the fee will equal 8%.
— In order to divide in 2 taxits: the customer has to key in T2 197947764 and send the code texted to him to the number 8117 within 1 hour of his/her transaction. Then, the system will identify the Taxit ID that follows the ‘T2’ (197947764) and sends it to each customer at the time of the transaction. Therefore, the customer must have the texted number written down in order to use the splitting service.
— In order to divide in 3 or 6 taxits: replace‘T2’ to ‘T3’ or  ‘T6’ in your SMS message. The customer must text ‘T6 197947764’ to 8893 within 1 hour of his/her transaction.

— Taxit İD code is sent only for transactions over 30 AZN (equivalent). This service is available for transactions equal to 30 AZN (equivalent) and over.


If the splitting is successful, the customer will receive a relevant SMS:

For example, ‘Dear Customer, the transaction has been divided in 2 (3;6)  taxits. Thank you!’