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Until 31.08.2024 it is possible to obtain a mortgage loan at 7% per annum with initial payment min.30%.

— Mortgage loan is issued at the expense of the Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan
— Currency: AZN
— Amount: cannot exceed AZN 150 000 (in preferential mortgage AZN 100 000) and 70% of the market value of the purchase
— Term: from 3 to 25 years (in preferential mortgage loans till 30 year)
— Annual interest rate: cannot exceed 8% (in preferential mortgage cannot exceed 4%)
— İnitial payment: min.30%
— Collateral: acquired home or apartment
— Mortgage value: calculated by independent appraisal companies
— Mortgage recipient: it must be the Azerbaijani citizen
— Repayment: equal monthly installments (annuity).
— Insurance: the life and ability to work of the borrower as well as the mortgage object must be insured to the amount equaling the amount of the loan
— Deadline for loan repayment: cannot exceed the legal pension age of the borrower
— Repayment of the loan: the mortgage payment can be made on the Government Payment Portal https://gpp.az/ or in the UBank app in the "Government Payments" section.
— Loan application: Applications for a mortgage loan are only available on the E-Government portal (www.e-gov.az). When registering an application, borrowers must receive an Electronic Signature Token (www.e-imza.az) or "ASAN imza" (www.asanimza.az).