Cash and Settlement Services

We are offering you the full range of cash settlement services in AZN and foreign currencies

Main services:

Call account opening
Non-cash settlements in Azerbaijan and abroad
Currency exchange
Bank account statements and payment document copies
Cash in-take and out-take over account, cash withdrawal from currency exchange accounts

Additional services:

Consultancy about the order of cash and settlement operations
Tracking of money transferred to customers’ accounts
Updates on past-period account statuses

The documents required to open a current account in AZN or in a foreign currency:

Account opening application (1 copy per account type)
Signature samples (1 copy)
Your ID
If you are registered as a business operator please provide also the following documents:

A registration certificate from the State Statistics Committee (a notarized copy)
A duplicate certificate from the Ministry of Taxes (1 duplicate per account type)
A duplicate certificate from the Pension Fund (1 duplicate per account type)

Additional information:

Bank accounts are opened and maintained under Cash and Settlement Agreements made subject to the current Tariffs of the Bank

The S.W.I.F.T., AZIPS and XÖHKS electronic payment systems that the Bank supports permit rapid and secure transfers to any destination in the Republic as well as abroad