Cash by Code

Easy cash withdrawal without card.

Terms & Conditions:

Cash by Code - quick, easy and safe service that works 24/7. Possibility to transfer money from the card to the person, who doesn’t own card. Recipient may withdraw cash from any chosen Unibank ATM

Terms of use:

- Choose Cash by Code service in ATM;

- Enter the amount and mobile number of the recipient, the ATM will issue a check, where the corresponding code will be written (the 1st part);

- SMS with the appropriate code (2nd part) is sent to the recipient

- The recipient enters the code indicated on the receipt and SMS and receives the money.


Commission 1% (min.1 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP) 

Additional commission might be taken for cash withdrawal, performing Cash by Code service

Terms of Use:

- There must be a signature on the back of the card.

- Nobody should know the PIN.

- The PIN must not be mentioned on the card itself.

- Card should not be passed to another person;

- In case of loss of the card, you need to block the card by 117 İnformation Centre or from: http://app.unibank.az

- At least once a week, the balance of the account on the card must be checked through Unibank Mobile