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Albalı Business project

Card with debit and credit functions, that raises profit, provides operational support, more convenient and safer trade for subsidiary and distribution companies.

Albalı Biznes-a bank card combining the functions of a debit and credit card, helps to increase the turnover and development of more convenient and safe trade between distributors and store owners, and also guarantees promptness.

The Albalı Biznes card provides such opportunities as: to become the owner of unique services, access to the Unibank Mobile BUSİNESS application, checking accounts and conducting transactions between distributors and store owners at any time. The Albalı Biznes card gives a lot of advantages to both buyers (shop owners) and sellers (distributors).


Advantages for cardholders:

Opportunity to receive a preferential (interest-free) loan;

— Payment of distributors without additional documents and without commission at any place and at any time;

— Instantly inform shop owners and forwarders about payment;

— Connection to the services of the Mobile Bank (Unibank Mobile BUSİNESS) and the Internet Bank, the ability to control payment 24/7

— Possibility of budgetary payments (SSPF / Taxes / Customs duties other) from the card;

— Ability to replenish the card in any branch of Unibank, terminals cash-in and E-manat;

— Automatic formation of the history of payments to the store owner in mobile banking.

Advantages for distribution companies:

Exemption from cash management risk;

— Optimization of expenses and increase in turnover due to a credit line issued by the bank;

— Transparent report;

— Instant receipt of money into the account.

The owner of a shopping center can purchase an Albalı Biznes card at any branch only once. The card is free.