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Dreaming of being able to use any banking service you need at any moment and anywhere, in only seconds and without having to call at the bank? Make this dream come true with just one click – download and install Unibank’s Unibank Mobile app on your smartphone:

Would you like all the information about your card? – Here you are!
Any information, any card to card money transfer, blocking or unblocking a card – and all this is only a click away!

Would you like to make a payment? – Sure! And fast, too!
Pay for any service, be it a loan, a utility fee or an ISP charge. Put your monthly payments in the system and having them made automatically.

Would you like to manage your deposit accounts? – Do it, and safely, too!
Here you can get any deposit information you want. The Unibank Mobile app lets you open a deposit account and even borrow a loan against a deposit.

Would you like to manage your accounts by your own? - It’s easy!
Transfer money from one account to another and pay your loans. And do all that without having to set what you are doing currently aside!

You can use the Unibank Mobile app to find the address of any branch, cash-in terminal or ATM and learn the currency exchange rates as well as all about all the innovations and campaigns of the bank before all.
The Unibank Mobile is easy, fast and safe!
The Unibank Mobile works on iOS and Android.

You can get connected to the Unibank Mobile in these three ways:
  • Download the app and enter in it your mobile phone number and the last 8 digits of your card number;
  • Get registered at any branch of the bank;
  • Get registered using the ASAN Imza.

Unibank Mobile Bonus gifts

Video Recorder
A video recorder for your car is your most reliable eyewitness! It is also an ideal supplement to any modern safety and road situation control system in any modern car – and to any interior control system, too, if necessary. Be it a traffic accident or recklessness of other motorists or unruly conduct of police officers, the video record is simply irreplaceable.
The VR BOX virtual reality goggles are an upgraded VR helmet that supports many smartphones running on Android and iOS. Put your device in this helmet and you can enjoy 3D video, play 3D games and basically plunge yourself in virtual reality.
  Xiaomi Mi Band2
The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet is equipped with an OLED display that shows the current time, the number of steps you’ve taken, your cardiac rhythm, the distance covered, how many calories you have burnt and other data. For maximum comfort, Mi Band 2 has the non-contact control function thanks to which the display shows the current time automatically once you have raised your arm – just like an ordinary wristwatch.
The wide-angle photo lens designed to make the recently-popular fish eye effect in photographs and videos. It is interesting to shoot using it especially if you are a fan of Instagram and similar social networks or just love taking photographs of beautiful sceneries or fiery parties. It stands out for easy fitting without magnets and fixtures and is suitable for practically all smartphone models.
Powerbank REMAX
Powerbank ‘REMAX’ is a universal external battery that will be an irreplaceable companion for active travellers. One can use it to charge a smartphone, a tablet or a navigator far from any plug very easily. Powerbank ‘REMAX’ has a stylish outlook and is rather compact. So, it is comfortable to carry about in a small bag or even in your jacket’s pocket.
Remax Desktop Bluetooth Speaker M9 Green
Remax Desktop Bluetooth Speaker M9 Green is a charming portable speaker the outlook of which will never betray its true purpose. The techie musical device looks more like a stylish interior design piece or a retro microphone and this is why it draws admiring gazes. The high sound quality is maintained thanks to cutting-edge technologies and the robust internals put in a compact case. The wireless speaker reproduces the bass tones powerfully enough to define even a noisy party despite its miniature design solution.

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