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Western Union
Western Union has more than 150 thousand outlets in 189 countries right now; the cutting-edge technologies that the corporation has in its employ make it possible to transfer money over any distance in only minutes. Every transfer is protected with a world-class reliable security system that guarantees that your money will only get to the person you are sending it to.

Western Union's advantages: 

Transfer funds to 189 countries 

No need to open a bank account to make a transfer
The transferred funds will be available to the recipient within merely 5-10 minutes after the transfer has been made

You can collect the money transferred to you absolutely free of charge
To send the funds via Western Union you need to: 

Present your ID
Fill in a standard "For Money Transfer" Form.

Once you have filled in the form, you will need to sign it and submit it to the bank official together with your ID.

Then, you will need to enter the amount you are planning to send and pay the transfer fee (fees are determined in accordance with the current Tariffs).
After your data has been processed, the bank official will give you a special ten-digit control number that you will need to communicate to your recipient. For greater security of your transfer, you may enter a security question and provide the security answer to it. Once the recipient has given the security answer, they will be issued the money that you transferred.

Special Conditions:

Money transfers are subject to the requirements of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (Regulations on Currency Operations of resident and non-residents of Azerbaijan Republic)
The bank opens current account for you in case of registration of the money transfer above 1000 USD
To receive the funds via Wester Union you need to:

Present your ID

Fill in the standard "For Money Receipt" Form and attach your personal signature to it

Additional services:

A message to go with your transfer (max. 20 words). You can send a brief message along with your transfer by entering it into the special field in the form (only Latin alphabet, please)

A phone notification (the option applies to a few countries only). If you are a sender, you can indicate the phone number of the recipient together with the town dialling code and the name of the town/state/province where the recipient lives.

An official of the bank will ring the recipient up to tell them of the transfer and to explain where the money can be collected - this will be done within one hour upon the transfer. If the recipient is out, the official of Western Union will keep on trying to ring them up for two days (thrice a day)
Delivery of the transfer cheque to the address of the recipient (the option works in a few countries only). The transfer can be delivered to the recipient as a cheque that can be used as a tender of payment eventually.


Please, remember that you need to consult the bank official about the availability of any service you wish to pay for in the country in which your recipient lives.
Please, remember that, as a rule, you will receive the money in the currency in which the sender transferred it. However, the transferred money is only paid in USD in some countries.

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