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The lending to business projects is one of the most important areas of our banking operations. We therefore offer our credit resources towards implementation of various projects undertaken by individual business operators as well as to companies as legal entities.

Lending fields:

  • Industrial manufacture;
  • Trade;
  • Construction;
  • Services and catering;
  • Agriculture



SME lending: 



  • The SME finance is one of the priorities underlying the development strategy of our bank. We finance SME projects while taking into due consideration their specific features, offering various credit products and comfortable repayment schemes, taking a flexible approach to selection and evaluation of collaterals and providing you with the maximum consultancy assistance
  • The material experience of working with SME enabled our specialists to develop a special and advanced system of SME lending mechanisms based on application of quality lending procedures and schemes in line with the relevant international standards. The projects are financed with the funds raised from the international finance institutions as well as the funds obtained from other sources. 


"Business Forward" Campaign (SME lending):


Minimum loan amount 20 000 USD/AZN/EUR
Maximum loan amount 10 000 000 USD/AZN/EUR
% rate   starting from 14% annually 
Collateral Movable and Real Property


 Finance facilities


  • Loans
  • Letter of Credits and Guarantees                        


 Loans and Terms:


Overdrafts 1month
Short-term loans 12 months
Medium-term loans to 24 months
Long-term loans to 48 months


We can offer you the following loans: 

For cash gap coverage: 

  • The overdrafts to cover short-term cash gaps resulting in your turnovers. Should your anticipated revenues for goods/services be late in coming, we can honour the payment liabilities of your Company within one day of operations and at our own expense. When your anticipated receivables arrive in your Company’s account, we will settle your credit owed to us automatically.
To increase working capital: 
Minimum loan amount 20 000 USD
Maximum loan amount 1 000 000 US
Term From 1 month to 1 year
Amount, % rate and term The exact amount, term and rate of interest are determined on a case-by-case basis (subject to company turnovers)
Source of loan repayment Loans and the interest they carry are paid from the operating profit of your company
Grace period  up to 6 months. During this period only the accrued interest amount is paid.
Form of repayment Annuity or specially agreed schedule 


To increase fixed assets: 

Minimum loan amount 20 000 USD
Maximum loan amount 1 000 000 US
Term up to 48 months 
Amount, % rate and term The exact amount, term and rate of interest are determined on a case-by-case basis (subject to company turnovers)
Source of loan repayment Loans and the interest they carry are paid from the operating profit of your company

The following may serve to your advantage when your application is considered: 
     A good credit history and a reliable reputation of your Company
  • A well-planned cycle of operations
  • A streamlined manufacturing system, sales market and goods/service marketing system
  • Transparency of your business processes
  • No losses within four quarters
  • An owned capital and real assets with the market value above the liabilities of your Company
  • The real assets the value of which excesses the costs of the credited project (as a rule, the excess should be at least by twice)
  • A business registered in Azerbaijan
  • No outstanding debtor liabilities
  • A sound business plan for the project; proper project estimation and permits, licences and approvals


As a collateral you can offer: 
  • Real estate
  • Movable property  
  • Goods in stock  
  • Raw materials
  • Fixed assets    
  • Precious metals      
  • Securities    
  • First-class company or organisation guarantees
  • Natural persons’ guarantees
  • Invoices endorsed by first-class customers 

To get a loan you need to: 
  • approach the credit department of our bank and call at Unibank to submit required documents and hold relevant negotiations
  • prepare the documents required for consideration of your loan application (our specialist will issue with the list of necessary documents)
  • fill in a loan application


We are also prepared to finance your project from our own funds as well as from the credit lines that we have received from various overseas and international finance institutions including, but not limited to, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the German-Azeri Fund, the German Investment Corporation, the Islamic Development Corporation, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation and the Netherlands Finance Company FMO.

We will also let you use the property assessors to evaluate your property offered as credit collateral – free of charge.

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