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Unitraining is a corporate training centre that is responsible for professional training of the personnel and maintaining the systematic approach to this process in Unibank.

When the training centre was established in 2008, it was tasked with developing and implementing an advancing business education system to be based on the experience of the Bank. Today, Unitraining provides tuition in the following two main areas:

  • The adaptive tuition –for stagiaires and new employees; and
  • The specialised tuition – for the present personnel.

The adaptive tuition programme is aimed at helping new employees form the knowledge of the structure, the systems of standards and values, the technological and other corporate features of the operations of Unibank. The specialised tuition covers the specificity of the banking business as well as it trains employees the soft skills, the client services and others.

All the trainers of Unitraining are the middle to top managers of the Bank with the Training for Trainers tuition course organised by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Business behind them.

Right now, Unitraining is working on the integrated tuition programme approved by the Management Board of the Bank and permitting specialists in one banking area to gain competence in other financial business areas. The programme pursues the following goals:

  • The training of the versatile and well-educated personnel;
  • The accumulation of the corporate knowledge;
  • The support to the positive image of the Bank in the labour market;
  • The support to the image of the Bank as the most client-oriented finance institution out there.

Apart from organising the tuition process, Unibank also evaluates the personnel of the Bank successfully. The in-use Quick Assessment Centre gives the Bank the full picture of the personal and professional qualities of each employee.

Apart from the use of psychological tests and interviewing, this quick assessment system employs the behaviour exercises and business re-enactment games the participants of which model real situations in which they solve professional tasks, negotiate with customers, etc. Unitraining also scans the personnel to identify their training needs.

Contact information
Azerbaijan Republic, 
Baku, AZ1014,
Rashid Behbudov str., 55
Phone: (99412) 498 22 44
Fax: (99412) 498 09 53
Telex: 142460 UNIBK AI
INN 1300017201

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